Feast or Famine

I love how in life one minute you can be looking desperately for work, and the next is almost over whelming. One minute I wonder just how I am going to get to my goals and next I am making even bigger and more grand goals. One minute to the next, and you have to change your plans just that quickly.

So last I updated I had told you about my participation in Art Ce Soir as a Part of the City of Barrie’s Culture Days. And I am so thankful to my models who made this happen and thankful for the good reception. So I continued to nurture the idea of the garbage bag dresses and the theme “hear/speak/see no evil”, though as a pamphlet for the event came out, part of my own artist statement was written for me. The end of this game of cat and mouse to find a statement was that the garbage bag dresses were representations of the big box stores; their rehashing of old materials and shoddy workmanship produced en masse and the need for local businesses that are more conscious of materials used, using scraps if needed, and genuine fine work. Those garbage bag dresses were to become the new standard should the public not make a collective effort to buy local. The theme, though not at the forefront, still represented the ignorance regarding the economic choice.

Things that I’m glad I did and will repeat next year;

1 – had models armed with a script for when people asked, and cue cards to hand out!

2 – had the fittings just over a week before the event (significantly less stressful)

3 – had amazing models (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!)

4- forget the makeup, have them do it. maybe another year but for the more random, the less makeup is better

5 – told my models they were free to go … right before the weather became horrendous. damn good timing.


Things that I will consider for next year;

1 – a proper time slot and runway show

2 – a better dressing/prepping station (Thank you Alana for letting me use the dressing room at your business, “Awkward Stage”)

3 – weather… in general..


Things that I will change for next year;

1 – Making thicker and better coats for models. The garbage bags were great insulators however the models still needed more to keep warm, especially after the rain started.

2 – A run through; it will also encourage the models to spread out and mingle. The models were a great way to set the atmosphere and I will make that an even bigger presence next year.

3 – Making myself an outfit to mingle with models. I had about a month to throw things together so for future reference, I will make one for me!

All in all I thought myself relatively prepared which was wonderful. I had about two months notice of my acceptance for this event and worse yet, I was constantly waiting for funds to come in. They never did… so I grab the cheapest materials I could – garbage bags and leftover thread! Tada! I won’t lie, I was bloody exhausted!

Art Ce Soir was successful! Please visit the Lakshore Mews website to see the listings, and of course the local businesses that make everything happen (right hand side of the page).














And just as fast as Art Ce Soir approached, as did my employment with Dotti Potts. Thanks to Megan at Le Petite Chapeau in the Lakeshore Mews, I heard that Sandra and Gavin could use a spare set of hands in their studio for the upcoming season. Tired of my survival job in the mall already, I quickly sent off an email with my resume and CV. Apparently I had perfect timing as they needed someone pronto and had me interviewed on the 19th. The interview went so well I’ve been offered a full time position, we even got a grant for my training there! I am still timid that I may not be a part of the cohesive unit; and I’m pretty sure it’s a silly fear but a real one none the less. Everyone has habits or ways of moving in a studio, like a dance. Everyone has dance steps and it’s important you can find people with similar dance moves so that you all work together. But so far, it has been amazing! Within one day of working there my mood lifted! Gavin was showing me how to mix one of their glazes as he poured some slip into molds and I suppose I already had a bounce in my step. I smiled ear to ear when he asked if I was happy to get back to being messy. Towards the end of the day it hit me, I raised my head and smiled again. “I’m am being paid, in a full time job, to do this!” I could have bounced to Toronto and back I was so happy. At 5, Sandra and I were trying to finish up with decals and loading the small kiln for firing said decals. My mother was curious where I was working so her and my father came to give me a ride home and saw Sandra and I in the studio muddling away. My mother said she could see me light up again – they both mentioned my mood. Though I was almost irritated on the ride home … I didn’t realize how hungry and tired I was until I was pulled out of the studio.

The second day was as packed as the first; Sandra and Gavin were packing for a show and that does take an entire day. It was probably a good thing much production wasn’t done… I was so tired and so hungry it was distracting. Luckily with this new income, I don’t think it will be an issue again in the future. I have a long weekend off… wait a minute… OH MY GOD! I’m free one a weekend!? When did this happen? I have a LIFE?! whoa…. I can have a life with this job… yay!

You either feast or famine and now that the famine is over, I have a bizarre coming up that i need to get ready for and now I can afford frames for prints! I also need to buy two large canvases so that I can donate them for a silent auction! I’m also thinking of more jewelry designs for Dotti Potts that I ought to get done now so we have time to put it together and have it ready for the catalogue in the new year, I have some ideas floating around for next year’s Art Ce Soir and it will be a year-long project…


I’m being paid for making art… yay!