Just as one gets cozy, WHAM!

Alright, New Content! and withing a week! What is going on!?

Well, I had the first day of my new job this week, which consisted of filling out the appropriate paperwork, learning basic functions and trying on the bathing suits so that I can assist customers better; I assumed life was going to be slow for the next bit. What wonders emails are nowadays; one of my proposals I sent to the Lakeshore Mews for their Art Ce Soir II event this September was accepted. But it was not the proposal to install my work in storefront windows, nor was it the proposal to busk; selling portraits on the spot. It was my proposal to have live models walking around in costumes I make… I will have to make… in roughly a month. CRAP! I am so thankful to be accepted but CRAP!

So I believe I have models in order! (memo to me: start message board so everyone is on the same page! emails!) And I just need to finalize my drawings! And need to set up a meeting with mews. I also need to set up my printer and scanner for you guys to see my business… so this is just turning into a to-do-list…

If that weren’t enough, I am still waiting to hear from the Maclaren Art Centre if I may have been accepted for any of their positions that I have applied for – I really really really really hope so! Even if all I get is a gallery attendant position, my life would be made! (please, please, please, please! I’m going to work at the art gallery! I’m going to work at the art gallery!).

At least I have a job. I have some funds to actually achieve this astronomical goal! Well, will have funds. This new job is alright, of course, I am prohibited from posting anything that may force a poor appearance upon the company and so I will refrain from mentioning who they are by name. However, I am now working at a swimsuit store owned by a french lingerie company within the mall and I will say, the team appears to be super sweet! And I’m eyeballin’ the cute baristo at starbucks. So life is good at the mall and I was saved from having to work as a waitress at the chinese buffet restaurant down the street. In fact, an hour after the first shift is when I received a phone call and job offer from the store! I was thrilled. I am thrilled. I don’t know who in the hell chooses unemployment because I’m already pulling my hair out from lack of finances and I was bored.
I was becoming very bored. And then I made goals like this blog, and another to have new content every week. And new content on my youtube channel every week to compliment my makeup blog! And do daily instagrams of my makeup and daily tips! So please, support me there to!




lipstick and gin beauty blog;

youtube channel;



holy crap, let’s get this ball running!

After I started into my fit from the email and repeatedly saying “crap. crap crap CRAP! crap” to myself, my father reminded me … “you’re not in your element when you don’t have something big to accomplish”. He’s right. I can’t do with being bored. I’m not happy unless life is absolute bedlam. Alright, let’s see if I can get myself together for this! Wish me luck!


-I am Elizabeth Hoskin, and I am LovingBedlam


(crap, crap, crap, CRAP! crap!)


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