i liiiiiiiiiiive!

well… as best I can…

I told a proffesor, months ago, that I was going to start a blog. Without hesitation she answered with”you won’t have time”

I don’t have time. I mean, I am not making excuses for my laziness or implying that I will be lazy in the future. But my lord, I am wondering how I am going to survive til graduation.

With that said and minimal updating having been done here, I do have good news! I have still been productive! As of January 15th (went the last post should have been completed), I had completed another painting, of my father, and started a self-portrait. As of a week after, January 22nd, My self-portrait was complete, my grandmother’s is underway. I have buildt more canvases this week but I have been a bit lazy in production. Well, maybe not. I did complete another drawing but after critique, I’m not sure how “finished” it is. It is finished, but not “resolved”. For those who are reading and not familiar with my university’s lingo (because I’m not sure if this lingo is shared with other art schools/departments), but a “resolved” picture is a piece that is sound in composition (the way things are laid out and make the eye look all over the picture), and execution (if it’s “drawn” or “painted” nicely, it isn’t just something “thrown” onto the canvas) and displays the intent of the artist. Note some of the greatest artwork needs no back story, it’s apparent when looking. But this also gives way to argue that there is no great modern art since artists like Andy Warhol created pieces “void” of back-story (Brillo Box, Diamond Dust Shoes). But then again, It could be biased opinion that something like Rebecca Belmore’s Performances such as “Fountain” and “Worth”, where you may not know every detail, but you understand. Or Terrance Houle’s photography, even though comedic, addresses issues without beating around the bush.(.. possible joke here if you know his work). With this all said, I know exactly where my drawing series is headed and it will make full circle, I will have a ton of posts at the end of the semester with images galore showing you and walking step by step into my different series.

Watch this, Rebecca Belmore speaks and shows her work; Phenominal!

And looking into Terrance Houle, I attended an artist talk by him and was very educated by him, but not in a threatening way, despite him openly challenging racism.


I have been fortunate enough to have learned from Terrance Houle and with any luck, will meet and learn even more from Rebecca Belmore, who may visit our studios tomorrow (minor fan-girl squeal). The artists have influenced me and I hope you will enjoy their art and learn from them as well.

More accomplishments, I made a relatively successful mold with fabric voodoo dolls. I am very excited to see this idea come to life, as it seems I am making a more autobiographical series in my sculpture courses. I definitely don’t document my sculpture… I need to change that immediately.

Doing another two portraits, one of my grandmother and one of my girlfriend, Cindy, is on the docket. I am looking into doing portraits of my friends to complete the series for the galleries. I will have to bust hump again for the next few weeks to meet personal deadlines. I have 5 paintings completed so far, I realistically see myself completing another five before the end of February. I would like to complete another seven to meet my original goal of  12 total paintings, and so 6 in each gallery. Awesome.

I will be in the studio again tomorrow, despite the fact that I don’t really work well with other people in the studio. For one, I am a night-hawk, and two, I am a chatty Cathy. But I need to make up for being lazy this week. I’ve needed the naps and time off. I finally managed to cash a cheque that was a few weeks, if not a month, old and pick up supplies. So I should not need to purchase many more supplies besides what I must for sculpture, gesso for a few canvases, and for a presentation in my drawing course. Which is wonderful but I CANNOT FIND OAK GALL to SAVE my LIFE! It’s the one thing I cannot get and it’s the only thing that makes authentic drawing ink. BLOODY HELL!

I have mentioned my “spellbook” a few times now. It’s my little journal for my current art projects, revelations and revisions for this year and future projects. My walls also make it into my book and sometimes the book ends up on the wall, so I am constantly surrounded and working on the madness that is theory behind your series, ideas and future compositions. Here are some images.

Despite what people think, there is an innate science behind composing a piece of visual art as there is behind music. There is a math that you begin to follow by subconsciously and there are rules that you are aware of, but may forget what their names are. You simply know it from practice, and you practice it, without knowing. If you have been practicing music since a young age, then you know this without acknowledging it. Same with visual artists. But I am affirmed in believing people will pay musicians to perform and create pieces, meanwhile artists are subjected to the idea that “art should be free”. I’m not saying that musicians do not receive ridicule based on how “frivolous” our studies are considered, or do not hear “so what does your degree mean in the job market?” less often than artists do. And hey, look at the intense and overzealous anti-piracy policies out there (ever looked up ACTA? It is SOPA and it’s already in place), and musicians aren’t paid for sharing their work, and artist’s images are equally as viral… but I stand by the fact that people see reason to pay a musician before an artist. And I also believe the years of art giving way to theory over execution has hurt the credibility of the study and practice. My point really is that few acknowledge the natural tendency for art that is only instilled from practice and learning continuously for an extended period of time… and not just in school. A similar few believe that the arts are to be free to all. Nononono…NO! If you listen to advertising, believe in wearing make-up and ever wonder how anything looks (being pretty/ugly) then you owe it to an artist. An artist who studied design will know how to market and do said marketing. If you think that cosmetics are so cool because you can wear a hundred faces, then you believe in someone who knows colour theory and colour mixing and a bit of science, and if you ever wonder why a kettle looks cool, a bag looks fashionable or the neat design of the tracks in your shoes, you can thank an artist. There are a thousand and one arguments as to what the purpose of art is, but simply for this argument, it’s to make our lives more livable. It directs you, encourages you, educates you and even serves function. We deserve payment for that. And if you are looking to have a sculpture made for your garden or have a public edifice, that artist should be paid. And if that painting is part of your interior design, which you paid for the furniture and wall paint for to begin with, then the artist is owed. If the work is a portrait of you to boost your ego, then the artist should be paid like a personal trainer or an inspirational speaker. I don’t work for free. No artist does. No musician works for free, no visual artist works for free, no house painter works for free, no street-sweeper works for free, no prostitute or stripper works for free, not even the lady who does the voices for the announcements in airports works for free. No one works for free (accept parents, but that’s a different ball of wax). I’ll get off my soapbox now… but please share and take into consideration what I’ve mentioned.

So yes, I’ve updated, shared some artists that inspire me, what I have been accomplishing and goals. You’ve even seen part of my spellbook and heard me be self-rightous. Thank you again for delving into the madness with me, I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else.

When I figure out my butt from a hole in the ground;

  • sculpture update
  • more inspirations of mine
  • some documentation of what I’m talking about

Ps – This new laptop is making these posts and life SIGNIFICANTLY easier!

-Elizabeth Hoskin, and I am LovingBedlam

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