so class didn’t start this week… good

Hey guys! Sunday update!

This may be short and sweet, and considering the last post, that would be a nice change. I have a girlfirend with me tonight, who I happened to meet as a model. She’s been a best friend of mine for a year and tonight, we veg! She’s having a break-up, we’re doing those girly things. However, I said I would update every Sunday and update when I have something accomplished, and I do! And I promise to continue these posts without broken, random statements and some more focus on grammar.

My last post I was summerizing work that has been completed in 2011, and so I am posting the painting/major studio paintings thus far. Feel free to skim over the last post to see the theory.

“Uncle Michael”, acrylic on canvas, 46″x38″

I wish I had documented all the phases this canvas, because there were two different compositions. The first had a very similar set-ups, then i painted over. This would be my favourite thus far.

“Mum”, acrylic on canvas, 46″x38″

I will be redoing this portrait of my mother after. It was inbetween my father’s portrait and my uncle’s, so you can see me hashing out what to focus on.

“Dad”, acrylic on canvas, 42″x36″

This was the first of the series and it was apparent that I was doing 1)something that I have beaten to death already and 2) lacking what I wanted to. I will redo his portrait later as well, but this is how the series started. My mother’s and uncle’s canvases bother had underpaintings of similar compositions. My original focus of the series was to relate people to space (basically).

“Poppop”, mixed media on canvas, 48″x36″

Please remember, all photographs and works are copyright, Elizabeth Hoskin 2011-2012

This is my grandfather. I belieive “Poppop” is a southern nomen for grandfather. In anycase, it’s what I call him. He is the last completed and I have an idea of where to continue my series. Next semester’s plan: blow these out of the water.

As for my drawing series, I have no clue where the drawings have gone to. I hope to find them; I want to submit some for the annual juried exhibition.  No pressure.

I’m just proud I have updated, because it has been a long week and a long night!

Next Update:

  • full sentences and coherent thoughts!
  • the spellbook
  • the studios
  • those crazy  things that inspire me, including death!

-Elizabeth Hoskin, and I am LovingBedlam

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