Happy New Year and Welcome to NAP

Hello All and Happy New Year!

I’ll try to be quick and the get the boring stuff out of the way. My name is Elizabeth and I am currently in my last year of my Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts. My main mediums are painting and drawing, but I still practice sculpture and printmaking. My goals for this blog are to,

  • become more connected to other art members, artist run groups, and the art world in general
  • keep myself accountable for pursuing deadlines and goals
  • find something more productive to do than facebook for 3 hours of the day
  • improve my writing skills. it’s been a few years since creative writing in high school and learning to be articulate in regards to my art would be essential
  • receive some critique about my art
  • receive tip about my research and creative process
  • promote me and my work
  • enjoy the trip

Also, this last year I was diagnosed with a few digestive problems and given some prognosis that have changed my life. The silver lining, i am forced to learn a healthier lifestyle and maybe, ( I will try) bring attention to an issue that is so common, and so unfocused; our relationship with food. Mainly, what happens when you deny a person food? When you deny a person the simple daily ritual, what happens to them? What happens when food is the currency? And do we do when food is the medicine and the drug? Food is used as power, and those with power have food, so are you denied any power when you are denied food? I am currently exploring this as a part of my own life, and through my art. my goals for that part of the blog are to,

  • understand my own diagnosis
  • be accountable to changing my life around, and maybe find a comfortable lifestyle
  • bring awareness to the miniscule; to something everyone knows or knows about
  • maybe, make a difference for someone else

Lastly, a bit more about me. I also work as a cosmetician. It’s another art form that I have always been surrounded with. My mother has been a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant since I was 2 years old. I was an “ambassador” for the MK Unit since I was 13 and on my 18th birthday, i received my starter kit. Mary Kay was not just a business my mother and I got into, there was a lifestyle associated with it. It’s a lifestyle very few other cosmetic companies uphold, it is a lifestyle that any good make-up artist knows by nature. You see everyone as beautiful, you treat everyone honorably and you speak kindly. Growing up with this, I have been a phenomenal customer service expert in all my jobs, and just that smile, grace, and being myself landed me this job that could, hopefully, lead to me to other careers. I have watched Michelle Phan from the beginning and even screamed when she announced that Lancome had not just hired her for a counter/customer service position, but the spokeswoman! I follow Promise Phan, bubzbeauty and many other beauty bloggers, I peek at fashion shows and magazines and know exactly where the trend is going. Simply, I just love it.

This blog will be mostly written, as I find in writing my ideas, it is easier to spot and follow a golden thread that naturally leads forward. my goals,

  • write every Sunday
  • keep it exclusively about art, food, make-up
  • have something accomplished every time i update
  • document my work, even in progress (because i NEED to start doing that)
  • make it happen, you can’t always wait for inspiration; you’ll never make a deadline

Welcome, thank you and Happy New Year!

next blog:

  • inspiration for the names
  • what I have accomplished in 2011
  • plans for 2012
  • a bit about my current art series

– Elizabeth Hoskin, and I am LovingBedlam

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